Discover a European capital alone, in complete freedom, but what a great idea! And Paris is a destination that lends itself completely to this kind of journey. Discover here our advice for a solo travel in Paris and our favorite address for your solo trip.

Why making a solo travel in Paris ?

It can be difficult to make the decision to travel alone for the first time. However, the experts of solo stays will tell you that they do not regret it for a second and that they are even ready to do it again. But what can be the reasons for considering a solo journey? And by the way, do you even need a reason?!

Relax and get away from everyday life

Daily life can quickly become heavy, stressful and you realize that you are moving away from the essential values that are dear to you. Thus, a need to recharge, to change the air can be felt.

And what better way to be alone with yourself than to go on a trip alone? A well-deserved break from everyday life, between new encounters and letting go, which can only be beneficial to you. In short, a therapy through travel 😉

No one to travel with

Quite simply, your vacation dates or your travel desires do not correspond to those of those around you. Never mind, go alone where you want and when you want! If no one can accompany you, there is no reason to deprive you of travel. Many destinations welcome solo travelers all year round, so why not you?!

To do what you want

In line with what we told you above “go where you want and when you want”, add: and do what you want! Are you tired of having to hold a general consultation to decide on the next outing or of always having to wait for your dear to have breakfast? Well imagine yourself choosing your activities, your schedule every day, listening to your desires, your needs, your impulses and going to see the show you have chosen. It’s dreamy, isn’t it?

Is it a good idea to travel alone in Paris?

Now that you know that traveling alone is a type of trip that suits you, it remains to choose the country of destination and the city. What if “going to Paris” appeared at the top of your to do list..?

Paris, a good destination for a solo trip

Paris is undoubtedly a perfect destination for traveling alone. You will never risk getting bored in the French Capital, and there will always be an activity to do according to the mood of the moment.

Lively by day and night

Paris is full of day and night activities and there is something for everyone. Shopping, culture, arts, gastronomy, the outdoors… Are you into history or modern art? Paris has the charms of yesterday and today in one and the same city.

You will travel through centuries of history or you will fully experience the current city frenzy. Visiting Paris, partying, taking a tour of the top floor of the Eiffel Tower, the hardest part will be to choose, or not…

Ideas for solo activities in Paris

Here are some ideas for solo activities to do in Paris:

  • Visiting museums: a more than varied choice
    • Must-sees such as the Louvre Museum, the Orsay Museum, the Picasso Museum and the Pompidou Center
    • Some are less well known but are still worth a look: the Nissim de Camondo Museum, near the Champs Elysées, the Police Prefecture Museum in the Latin Quarter or the Maison de Balzac.
  • Temporary exhibitions. In these places, they are always exceptional:
    • The Ateliers des lumières
    • The Jacquemart-André Museum
    • The Maillol Museum
  • Slightly different tours:
    • The Catacombs
    • The Museum of Illusion
    • The Grevin Museum
  • Green spaces :
    • Luxembourg Garden
    • Garden of plants
    • Buttes Chaumont

Also think about guided tours to discover a district or a period like with ParisZigZag or Sous-les-pavés.

On the gourmet side, go to the tea rooms of the Hotel des Marronniers or the Petit Palais for a little greenery and in the evening, you can try:

  • Bistro Au 35
  • Le Monteverdi for a fireplace atmosphere and Italian cuisine
  • Aux Prés
  • Mumi, for a great taste experience

Finally, in night activities in solo mode:

  • Piano bar or Jazz Club for a drink while listening to music (Sunset Sunside for example)
  • Cabaret like the Moulin Rouge
  • Small amateur theater or professional piece like at the Théâtre des Variétés or the Théâtre de la Madeleine

Meet people in Paris

Traveling alone does not mean refusing all communication with others. Quite the contrary! Often, solo travelers make beautiful encounters during their journey. If you go to the banks of the Seine, for example, you will discover dance groups that you can join, or sportsmen who train in groups.

During guided tours and tastings such as at the cheese bar of the Beaufortain Cooperative, you will be able to get to know each other. And then, upstream, why not go to solo traveler forums like tripgiraffe to find one or more travel companions? That way, you will leave alone but will not stay alone during the whole trip! Moreover, do not forget to keep memories and encounters in a travel diary.

Safe travel alone

The first question for travelers who set off to explore the world alone is the safety of the destination. In Paris as elsewhere, you have to be careful with your belongings, and make choices dictated by reason.

Good habits to adopt

Like all tourists, you will tend to look at the monuments around you, take out your camera or your laptop very easily. Remember to scan the people around you, in the subway, around tourist sites and even in restaurants. Pickpockets are very numerous in the French capital.

Some habits to adopt:

  • Do not wear too ostentatious objects
  • Take a good look around you when taking out your mobile phone or camera
  • Do not put your cell phone in your back pocket
  • Do not put your wallet in a trouser pocket
  • Close your bag tightly and possibly carry your backpack on your stomach in tourist places
  • Take a real taxi
  • Choose well-lit streets late at night
  • Avoid the last metro or RER, and prefer the taxi
  • Do not take large sums of money on you
  • Keep a copy of your identity card and leave the original in the hotel safe

The pitfalls to know

Here are some bad manners to know to avoid being a victim:

  • Metro pickpockets: they cling to you and steal as quickly as they are delicately
  • Group pickpockets: a group of young people surround you and attract attention by picking your pockets
  • Also beware of fake petitions to sign, whether in the street or in a restaurant. On the terrace, for example, they put the petition on the table and on your phone, when you leave, the phone is no longer there.

Transport in Paris

Paris is a city where it is very easy to get around. Metro, bus, taxi, bicycle, everything is done so that you can use transport very simply. The metro ticket is valid on the bus, and you can rent a bike and scooter anywhere in the French capital.

Watch out for two-wheel traffic though. Despite the cycle paths, accidents are numerous, remember to respect the highway code. Apart from very late at night, you can travel alone in public transport in Paris. Just be careful with your bag in case of heavy traffic.

Single woman traveling in Paris

For a single woman in Paris, opt for a central location, popular because places full of people are the best ally of the solitary. Avoid transport late at night, and prefer the taxi, the real one, not a private driver. Clothing that is too light is unfortunately to be avoided if you go out alone in the evening.

Remember to walk around with a whistle, so, in case of aggression, you whistle to attract the attention of passers-by. Of course, in the evening, do not leave your drink unattended.


The perfect location for your solo travel in Paris: the Hotel des Marronniers

Saint-Germain-des-Prés, a wonderful neighborhood for a solo trip

For traveling alone, Saint-Germain-des-Prés is the ideal location. And here’s why:

  • Right in the center of Paris: perfect for discovering the inner city by walking
  • Surrounded by public transport (metro and RER direct to train stations and airports)
  • Very Parisian atmosphere with great places to eat, have a drink or go out
  • A culturally vibrant district: museums, galleries, concerts, booksellers…
  • A feeling of safety in the streets because there are always people

The Hotel des Marronniers, very popular with solo travelers

Right in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the Hotel des Marronniers welcomes you to an unsuspected green setting from rue Jacob. Calm, garden, and friendly atmosphere describe the place wonderfully. In addition, our tea room is open every day until 11:30 p.m. in the garden or on the veranda.

Rooms and facilities for one person

The Hotel des Marronniers offers the single room with single bed (90 x 200 cm) at the most attractive price. Other rooms offer a double bed (140 x 200 cm) and all are equipped with:

  • Free and fast Wi-Fi
  • Courtesy tray with tea and coffee
  • Individual air conditioning
  • Flat screen TV with Chromecast
  • Private bathroom or shower with welcome products
  • Office
  • Blackout curtains, …

Welcome and support of the whole team

Our team is known for its smile and availability. Friendly and with good advice, our receptionists will accompany you throughout your stay in Paris.

An itinerary, a table reservation, or good addresses to recommend? Our staff is there 24 hours a day to best meet your requests. Our team often helps our guests with online check-in or printing plane tickets, for example.

Rates and conditions

The Hotel des Marronniers offers two different rates and conditions. Always keep in mind that the best rates are always direct with the hotel (subject to room availability of course).

  • Flexible rate with free cancellation until 24 hours before the day of arrival
  • Best rate non refundable, non cancellable, non modificable 

A credit card number is requested to guarantee the reservation but no payment in advance is required for the flexible rate. 

Do not hesitate to consult the online reviews and contact us if you have any questions or doubts about your next trip. Traveling alone in Paris and at the Hotel des Marronniers, it’s possible and it’s coming soon 😉

Solo travel in Paris